#imbringingbirthdaysback – Thanks Shannon!

#imbringingbirthdaysback – Thanks Shannon!

Yippee!  I got a great card in the mail for my birthday from Shannon West.  She’s one of my very favorite Stampin Up heroes and she is doing something amazing…she offered to send a birthday card to anyone who cared to receive one.  Wow!  I’m sure she wasn’t expecting the kind of response she got, because she has begun a whole card sending movement!  Here’s the awesome card she sent to me.

20160412_170331.jpgSee the words on the back of the envelope?  That’s her own personal carved stamp she created.  It was such a hit that Stampin Up has decided to reproduce it and offer it to our customers, yay!  So you too, can jump on the birthday bandwagon and get your own #imbringingbirthdaysback rubber stamp too.

143573SJust click on the words and you’ll land at my Stampin Up shopping page and you can order one for yourself.  How many birthday cards do you receive each year on your birthday?  I know I love each and every one I get…so I’m on a mission to send more cards too!  I bet Shannon will get a mailbox full this year!

My birthday was a little more special because of her thoughtfulness, thanks Shannon!



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