I can do hard things

I can do hard things

Are you a procrastinator like me? I use the excuse that I’m better under pressure, which sometimes works… but not always. One of the things I’ve put off is – you guessed it… blogging!

I’ve challenged myself to blog more, and here’s my first post in a while. I made this card for a swap and when I do swaps I’m always trying to make sure I have enough of the same paper so they all match. An easy way to make designer series paper stretch is to cut it at 4×4. For this card I sliced 1/4″ off each end then cut at a diagonal through the middle. The thin strip makes it look like there is another layer but it’s just the back side of the floral paper.

I love these pretty colors together, and the greeting on the front serves as a reminder for me to do those hard things I’ve been putting off.

Have a fantastic day!



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