Got storage?

Got storage?

It’s here!  How do you store your “good” markers?  I bet you have some that you don’t let the kids use because they were a little more expensive than crayolas and they are just for you for crafting, right?  Well they can be awkward to store.  I have all the colors of the Stampin Blends and I absolutely LOVE them; sometimes I put them in a pretty jar, sometimes I put them in an empty Paper Pumpkin box, and sometimes they lay loose in a drawer and eventually one (or 5) go missing.  NO MORE!  I’m so excited for our custom storage options, I am going to start with lots of marker trays.  Here’s what we have, and you can order right now!  Everything is interchangeable to make it fit your space.  Got storage?  Yes we do! (you’re welcome)






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