Fox Den Landscape & Nursery

Fox Den Landscape & Nursery

In February of 2019 we adjusted our plans a bit and started a new adventure…Fox Den Landscape & Nursery!  I am still stamping and doing classes, but during greenhouse season it’s going to be extra busy for us.  Thank goodness for good helpers!

One of my favorite parts of this new adventure is the flowers, I didn’t know much about plants in general going into this but I’m learning so much every day.


So many pretty colors, I get an eyeful of inspiration every time I water the flowers or walk through the greenhouses.



It’s too hard to pick a favorite, so I simply enjoy them every day while they are here.  I can’t wait to make a paper version of the daisy with my Stampin Up punches!

We will have a card-making station for Mother’s Day weekend, so come on out and pick out something pretty for mom and make her a card too.

Loving every minute of it – Debbi


One thought on “Fox Den Landscape & Nursery

  1. So excited for your family, Debbi! You are all such hard workers… people will be blessed by your work! XOXO


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