Tall Cow or Small Cow – Menagerie Mix-Up

Tall Cow or Small Cow – Menagerie Mix-Up

Stampin’ Up has a fun new stamp set called Menagerie Mix-Up that has me seeing all kinds of fun animals! (it’s a bunch of body parts waiting to be assembled) Being from Wisconsin, I knew I had to try to make a cute cow card, with an equally cute verse.

I couldn’t figure out how to spell moo-ey Christmas, so I almost gave up. Later, while driving past a farm in our neighborhood, I admired the flowers planted around their “farm sign” and it hit me…Family Dairy…DAIRY Christmas! Bahahaha, I cracked myself up the rest of the way home. Then I came up with happy MOO year to finish it off, I thought I was so clever. I cut apart the photopolymer stamps in the stamp set called Merry Christmas To All (now retired, boo hoo) to form the word DAIRY, and the die cut “moo” came from the word “groom” in the Well Written die set. I snipped and switched the letters to make the word “moo”. That works! Here’s how that card turned out:

My intention was to use this card in a swap, so I made a bunch of them up and then afterwards, realized the word set was retired. Oh my gosh, now what!? Back to the drawing board to start over. While I was stacking up the “cow parts”, I saw something different…a shorter, cuter cow!

Awww, now that’s a cute little cow if I do say so moo-self. LOL, there I go again! This time a new layout and I used what I had with me since I was away from home, a bunch of different stamp sets came together to form this card.

I think I like the small cow better than the tall cow, but they are both adora-bull!! LOL, someone stop me with the cow puns already!

If you haven’t given Menagerie Mix-Up a try yet, you should. There’s all sorts of critters just waiting to be stamped!

So which do you like better, tall cow or small cow? And how do you spell moo-ey Christmas anyway? Moo-ey doesn’t look right. Mooey, moo-ie, moo-y, meowy…okay now I’m getting off track here. Hey there might be a cute kitty in this set too!

Stamp, smile, repeat! That’s what I’ll be doing…looking for more fun animals.